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Original 3 Pack
Spicy Nuggets 3 Pack
Gluten Free Nuggets

3 Pack "Trio Package" Nuggets



Each pack consists of 16-18 nuggets

Crispy, hand breaded, award winning chikn prepared fresh weekly for distribution

One of each (original, spicy, and gluten free) house made nuggets using our proprietary recipe with the following ingredients:

Please note that nutritional information will be adjusted and updated prior to shipment, however the following is the accurate ingredients of the chikn protein as well as the nutritional deck for the protein itself. We will be updating the information once we receive it to properly reflect the pack size and servings per container

Textured Vegetable Protein( NON-GMO Isolated Soy Protein, Non-GMO Defatted soy

flour,Corn Starch)、 Water、 Soybean oil、Soy Protein、Pea Starch、Potato

Extract、Sugar、Salt、Black pepper、White pepper、Yeast Extract、hydrolyzed

vegetable protein 、Natural Flavor.

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